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Do you think people are too quick to rate something 5*s? Answered

Hey there guys. We all know that getting to 5*s with a kne'x ible used to be quite hard, say a year and a half ago. Now, there are so many knex guns with 5*s its impossible to count!

How? I will list a few of the reasons.
1) 'Ye of little knexing experience' are simply voting 5* instantaneously if they think it is remotely good.
2) There are simply too many members doing the above!
3) Nobody really knows what not to rate high anymore :-/

The 'Knexperts' of ibles are producing top quality work, that is being treated frankly the same as something that is not so top notch!

Therefore, I propose that we formulate an instructable that would show people what we think work should be rated on. We need to get rid of ratings like 'Wow! First Derringer! 5*'  - Don't you think?!

Please also comment on things I need to add to the list!



Someone should take the images of some of the knex guns out now and rate all of them from .5-5 in.5 increments and explain why they gave them that rating.
For example, My AP4 could get 3.5 stars and my Z35 could get 5 stars followed by an explanation for each with lots of criteria for the various ratings.


7 years ago

If a nice gun is rated >4.51, most people are rating 5* because then he will lower it.
I agree people rate 5* very very quick, but hey:

Aren't you happy if someone rate your ible 5*, right?;D
that's what I mean.

I am sick of it. Another niggle is the fact that when someone who is less well known posts something that is awsome, immediately gets compared to the pros, people rate things for what they aren't. Example: 'not as good as Kairah's, 2*.

There's a reason for that. A good gun must give people incentive to build it over what is already available right now.

Yea, but thats like comparing an SMG to a Sniper Rifle.

I mean guns of similar types. I'm not going to say that a generic mag fed knex gun is inferior to the SR-v2 and thus should not be built.

I agree my stakeout shotgun is already like 4.90 and i want it to be good and im glad its that high but I'm not sure it does deserve that high of a rating.


All Instructables were bumped up a star, which is also why there are lots of them with a perfect 5* rating. There should be 6 stars, so if something was at 4.14 before it would be 5.14, and not 5. No Ibles would reach 6, just like none used to be able to reach 5.

Yes, but the reason they raised them up was so it compared better with other places on the internet.

People should rate honestly based on quality, originality, and if it applies, whether its lifelike or not. However, we should rate something because its: the first, you cannot follow the instructions and make it, or if it shoots far. I think we could use a new rating system, something similar to fpsbanana.com's rating system. Like if you rate something then you have to leave a comment why you left the rating you did, and split the rating into different categories.

and yes I know I'm one of those people who rate 5* just for something being the first, I've changed the way that I rate things now.

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Yes and no. Yes, because Ibles changed the rating by adding a star to each ruining the ratings we had.
No, because people rate things on how they like them and that's the way it should be right? I mean, I shouldn't rate something bad because someone else doesn't like it. However they should spend more time on choosing.

I totally agree. I used to rate EVERYTHING 5 stars even though it isn't the "Best Ever". I have changed my ways over time and while I still rate higher than most who rate properly I rate much more appropriately.

That's different. This is talking about people who go ZOMG 5*!!!!1111 on mediocre knex guns.

It has always been this way. Yeah it's annoying but people don't really care. They rate either .5 or 5 whether they don't like it or they do like it. They don't actually "rate" it per se. And you receive a major backlash if you rate something 3.5 even though that's a good, 7/10 just because it's not a 5 even if it isn't perfect. I'd say only a handful of K'nex creations, even fewer of them being guns deserve a 5 star. The majority, including most of mine, deserve a 3-4 at max looking from a purely K'nexer standpoint. Looking from a non k'nexer, they're worth even less to them.