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Do you think that everone has lost interest in harry potter since the last movie ? Answered


Forum question!


Without new books interest was always going to dwindle.

I've never heard of this "Harry Potter".  Is he an actor?  I mean if he's not getting any new roles, then that probably is something he needs to work with his publicist on.   

Or it might be that he did something, or said something, offensive to the Hollywood oligarchs, and now he'll, "never work in this town again!"  Or something like that.  I've heard that Hollywood can be very clique-ish, and things like that can happen.

Also try looking him up on IMDB.  He might getting work, but just on some low-budget indy films you've never heard of.

I read that he used to get high by sitting on broom sticks.

So he was dabbling in the Occult?  I mean broomsticks?  That is weird, but not the weirdest thing I've ever heard of.  Usually the weird ones are about people in the music industry, making deals with the Devil.  Or these days it's the Illuminati, the whatchalit cult of elites that secretly run the world, or at least it used to be a secret.  Then they wind up putting lots of kooky imagery into their music videos, pyramids with eyeballs on top, and stuff like this:
and this:

I guess what I'm saying is that if this Harry Potter guy "sold his soul for rock n' roll", he wouldn't be the first.


It was the only movie in the series I saw until last week. So no...
To bad they kill of XXXXX in the end...