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Do you think this FM Transmitter will work? Answered

Heya, I've seen many ideas on how to build FM Transmitters on the web and successfully copied a couple of them. They are generally 2 or 3 transistor circuits which aren't very powerful when used with a small aerial. I've just designed a circuit with 4 transistors (2 of them being a darlington pair). So it's pretty similar to the two I've made just hopefully more powerful! The transistors i intend to use are BC548(b)'s because they're cheap and usable for high frequencies.

Due to my really bad paint skills I'll annotate a few things on the schematic. On the left i just meant to show that the mp3 player plugs straight into the 3.5mm jack connected to the 330nf cap (all of the caps in the circuit are ceramic) and on the far right the triangle is the aerial which is connected to the 33nf cap.

Thanks very much for reading this. I know that the aerial will be a BIG limiting factor to the range of it, but i wanted to design a more powerful circuit before i bought a new aerial anyway! So please can you leave any feedback.

Best regards

Sorry, but it's impossible to see the values of the components unless it's viewed in the original size, the only way i can see how to do that is by clicking on the little "i" in the top left of the picture.