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Do you think this is a good idea? Answered

I was thinking that when I made a custom computer, I would use a low-capacity SSD as my primary hard drive then a 2TB hard drive as my secondary.  I would put the Operating system on the SSD and everything else on the normal hard drive.  This would allow for fast boot times and a more responsive OS while keeping the cost down and the capacity high.  

I was wondering if this is possible and if it's a good idea.  I'd appreciate any feedback.  Thanks.



Best Answer 7 years ago

It sounds good in principle, but be aware that SSD memory only lasts so long before it fails. Look carefully at the choices and how the drives manage storage.
Be aware also that "everything else" isn't going to run much faster, a better OS can give faster boot without changing hardware.


For the sake of compatibility and the types of programs I use, I'm gonna use Windows 7 when I get around to making the computer.

.  Very possible* and not necessarily a bad idea if you have a need for speed, but, IMNSHO, SSDs are still for early adopters only. I'd wait a year or so to use SSD. YMMV.

* I don't know if that will actually work or not, just the first tutorial I ran into that sounded like they knew what they were doing. Google is your friend.

. If you liked those, you can purchase my book in the lobby after the show.

Yes it is a good idea, and yes it will work. But you already knew that judging by your description.

Possible, yes. A good idea with anything other than Linux, no.

Mac OS is annoying to have use that type of system due to access, while Linux can have your home folder, and therefore your files, in an external drive. Windows just sucks at doing stuff like that.