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Do you think this is semi-auto? Answered


People keep telling me this isn't semi-auto. Say what you think.


i dunno but it needs a BIG makeover

it is a repeater-style semi auto as the trigger has to be let go to fire like in the manner of DutchJ's semi auto, however it is form of semi-auto so i think yes.

No, if you have to manually recock the gun each time befor it is fired, it is not semi auto dsman has the definition below

let me guess, the trigger pulls the ram back and lets it go without actually stopping the ram

Don't make me explain double action semi-autos again.

This not semi auto. This simply has a ram that you pull back, then you pull the trigger and it fires.

You never pull back the ram. You only pull the trigger.

No. I just told him that he was wrong.


9 years ago

I would call it double action (trigger cocks and fires) a real semi auto would need recoil to cock it back.

I made the original. It's a pump gun, not a semi automatic. A semi-auto fires each time the trigger is pulled, no reloading or pumping in between (well, as long as the magazine lasts).

What does my pump-action gun have to do with this? This is about the semi-auto pistol.

I think it is a pseudo-semi auto. A real gun uses excess barrel gases to force the bolt back, lifting another round out of the magazine.

i know. how are we supposed to use compressed gas to propel knex? And that could kill!

*Rolls eyes* Now I'm going to clarify this once and for all in block capitals because that usually gets through to people: I AM EXPLAINING HOW SOME REAL SEMI-AUTOMATICS WORK, NOT SUGGESTING A NEW MECHANISM FOR A K'NEX GUN.

then your first comment was badly worded. You cannot get a semi auto knex gun unless you somehow use the firing pin's energy to push itself back again.

No, recoil is CAUSED by the gases blowing the slide and blot back and opening the ejection port.

so... then what you are saying is that bolt action weapons are recoil less? Witch I know is false

Actually they are for the most part recoil-less. The recoil from bolt actions is from the gases escaping from the muzzle like exhaust gases from a rocket, forcing it back towards the shooter. That's why heavy calibres use muzzle brakes.

This is not real gunning. this is knex gunning. Your definition of semi-auto is impossible with knex guns due to knex having holes all about.

I wasn't talking about K'nex here, I was explaining how semi-automatic weaponry works.

well, your explanation means there is no true semi auto knex gun. like the jamalam said above

Double-action semis use a different system.

Ever hear of double action semi-autos? They use energy from the trigger pull to fire each shot.

Oops, yes, like revolvers. I think it may be then, but I am more familiar with the workings of rifles and assault rifles than handguns.

HERE is how a revolver works:

As the trigger is pulled, a pin moves the hammer back, when you pull it all the way, the hammer is released, hitting an ignition terminal, and sending the bullet flying, keeping the shell in, and when the trigger is released, another pin "kicks" the cylinder 60 degrees.

360/6=60, so...yeah...

you fail bottle rockets use black powder

i thought alfred nobel invented it

Do you pull the trigger once every time to fire? Do you have to let go of the trigger to fire? If you answered Yes, No then yeah semi auto.

Yes, you have to let go of the trigger, that's what I said.