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Doctor Who Speical Episode What Did You Think of It? Answered

I missed the episode of Doctor Who on X-mas and was wondering what was your oppion on besides the usual awesome of the show. I was wondering if you were going to miss David Tennant. Well anyways let me know and also have a very Doctor Who day.


You missed it?? Heresy!

If you're in the UK, you can watch in on BBC iPlayer (non UKaydians may be able to hack access somehow?).

It's very good, fits right into the timeline without derailing the story arc.

The Cyber King is brilliant - right up gmjhowe's creative street, so maybe there'll be a Make soon...

I dropped this on an answer, do you think it would work?

I don't know whether this would work, but you could configure your browser to use a UK proxy server. Just use the options and drop the IP address in


Ya also kiteman the group whovians can we add other doctor who projects from other people because I found some on the site. Anyways a bit offtopic ya I do not live in the UK and my family went to my aunts who's not a big scfi fan.

Ok i'll ask them first and also ya waiting for hacked videos is a killer on fans.

I think you can, although it's probably polite to ask. Not in the UK? You'll have to wait for a hacked video...


9 years ago

I thought it was crap. :|
serisouly, I don't know, but it's like, too childish, too cheesy, the old Doctor Who is cheese mixed with fantastic episodes, but this beats it.
-The storyline was weak, and just didn't seem anything like the previous Christmas specials, which have previously been very good, and this spoilt it.

At the end it made me feel glad for Tennant, that he's not let Dr. Who become central on his career &c.

(oh and I liked the mysterious cybermonkies, where the heck did they come from? :s )

they're called cybershades

Yeah they never were explained...

It was sweet, it was all a bit steampunk.

I haven't seen it yet, sadly, being in the US and all and never knowing when it'll be on the SciFi channel. :P I did just finish season 4 recently, though. Good stuff! And I will miss 10. My friends and I all have the worst fan-girl and fan-boy crushes on him. It's terrible. We even watch the other stuff he's in... Blackpool, Secret Smile, etc. I'm not so sure about the next Doctor, either. I've only seen him in Blackpool.

Ya I know what ya mean. Hey Youtube has the video up right now you want a link or something?