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Does Anyone Run on a Cross Country Team? Answered

Basically just read the title. Oh yeah, that picture is me and the rest of the boys CC team at our school. We got 1st place there. Yes, I'm in the picture...


wow,so cute.
I love running,even more it's my favourate sport.
And i got one prize for 800m sports meet when i studied in Middle school.

Cool, years ago (over 32 years ago) when I was in school, I could hardly run 5 miles. I was a much better sprinter then long distance.

ha,it will also good for your health.
and my 800m is 800meter,not miles,then it must kill me *_*

I wish it were for me (although I acknowledge it IS good for most people's health)....I have to seek shorter term ways of raising my hear rate, because running kicks in asthma attacks.....and no one like hospital stays :-)

Im fastest in my P.E class does that count??? lol


8 years ago

I run cross country and my team runs every day during the winter in the early morning so it is really cold. I got sixth in one of my cc meets last year so I think I am pretty fast. I can run 2 miles in about 12 minutes.

no, but i play on the football team

*screams hystericly* I hate running! Even though i'm fast I still hate it.

Easy either run next to a car or bike with a speedometer or purchase the Nike+ iPod chip. :D

today I went to a chinese resturant and got an eggroll (i swear to god!) then my friend saw me on my way home so me and him went up. I had 2 egrolls today!

i ain't on a cross-country team, but my 3.0 mile time is 27:12... is that fast?

For the avarage person, yes but it doesn't beat mine... 3.2 miles = 20:03 Min. Overall yes it's pretty good. I just run everyday. :D

wow... you are fast i run every tuesday and friday, so i am not that fast

Well at least you run unlike some lazy people here. Do you do any races in your town?

well theres the christmas run, but i do most of my running at my school, my school is surronded by parks and forest trails, so i get a good workout in.

That's cool. I just have CC practice on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I do run a bit at home though. There is a race called the Turkey Trot 5K coming up this Thanksgiving which I'm doing. :D

cool... i would do cross-country but i am in a new school and i have a ton of homework

Yeah, I have to go back to school Monday. The good news is that I made it to state in cross country!!! So that's were I'll be tomorrow. :D

Extra credit in what? Oh yeah I went to the state cross country meet today and came in 171/350. I think that's pretty good. P.S. Do you know where Knoxville is?