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Does Cl2 gas destroy plexiglass? Answered

I'm building a sodium hydroxide generator and I'm planning on building the cells out of plexiglass, but I know that chlorine gas has effects on some plastics, so does chlorine destroy plexiglass?



5 years ago

Cl2 invariably leaks out and attacks the human respiratory system 
as it did in my HS chem class. 

The early symptoms are a deep nasal cold like stuffiness and
the antidote is a whiff of dilute ammonia as in my personal experience.


That's funny cause my nose is stuffy and I've been working around a lot of Cl2..

Take  a very cautious whiff of diluted kitchen ammonia.
Make sure it has no other chemicals mixed in it.

When my eyes were watering I knew that I was deeply affected
so it was my intent to take a strong inhale to counter the poison.

I reached for the glass reagent bottle lifted the stopper and inhaled
BUT it was concentrated ammonia ! !

My sinuses were clear all summer !  Never dropped the reagent bottle.

Ha damn, I don't believe I was working with extremely dangerous concentrations but I could feel the effects, anyways, I took down my apparatus so no more chlorine fumes

Attacks it yes I would go glass

I doubt glass would be feasible for this application though, not cheaply at least. Is there a kind of coating or something that could protect it?

Why not use a small aquarium and make a lid for it our of plastic - It's degradation will not matter much then.

That would probably work and be much easier except aside from the chemical products, the point of this project was to be as cheap as possible, I can get large sheets of plexiglass for free since I work at a TV repair shop, some screens are made from it.

At 10% concentration that is, I wonder how it will stand up to higher concentrations though. The generator is going to be designed as shown in the picture with 7x7x7" cells but the gas will be at high concentrations, unless I add an air pump to lower it.