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Does Instructables have a policy or consensus on plagiarism? Answered

I was going through all (yes, all) of the I'bles tagged in the Science category (to help populate the Physics Group) and ran across the following:

Build Levitation Device. published by ermak777 on 12 Feb 2008.

Build Levitation Device. published by kinofanat on 14 May 2008.

The duplication is quite astonishing, right down to the typos in the description of the video. I've flagged the later edition as "Inappropriate", to help staff find it.


. From Section 25 of the TOS:

Instructables respects the intellectual property rights of others, and requires that the people who use the Instructables website do the same. It is our policy to respond promptly to claims of intellectual property misuse. ...

Thanks for the post, NM, but what do Spock and McCoy have to do with this?

For those too young, ask your parents about Star Trek The Original Series

If we catch a plaigarist, we set our phazers on stun (the first time!).

While a large part of instructables is the appropriate building on one another's work, plagiarism of the sort you describe is not tolerated on instructables. If it isn't reviewed in a day or two, a PM to a staff member might be in order.

BTW, I ran across this last night, before I had seen your own discussion of the tricky "embedded +" exploit of the username/URL mapping. I saw Rachel's post about the bug; do you know if they've decided on a workaround yet?

I'm not sure-if it isn't causing the servers to catch fire or major access issues, these bugs tend to be somewhat lower priority for the staff. Not that they ignore them, they just take a bit longer. I know there are a few other relatively minor things on The List of things to fix-they'll get to it eventually, I'm sure. I just hope the fake Adrian doesn't go all deranged and ruin my reputation before they do fix this...