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Does Instructables have an API? Can you find out how many comments you have with it? Answered

I wanted to create a script that would find out if I had any new comments on my instructables, but I don't know how to do it. How would I be able to make a script communicate with the Instructables servers to find out if I have any new comments.


Hey guys...little project I am working on, very very beta. click the pie chart on the result page to get the url for a xml output...very, very beta, but you can fetch the data via python or processing via the xml url data, or parse the results page.


If you just want to know about comments, you can set your account to send you an email to when you get comments.

It already is. How can I make the script receive an e-mail and alert me?

Huh? You want to be alerted to an alert?

I don't check my e-mail often and it doesn't alert me when I get an e-mail so I wanted to make a script that runs at startup to check my comments and let me know.


Sorry, then, I can't help you with that, you need a codemonkey. There are a couple on the site.

(Although, it would be a good feature for the mobile app, when they get around to rewriting it.)

If you've ever seen my instructable to make your computer greet you when you use it, imagine it saying. "Good morning user, you have 2 new instructables comments."