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Does Pro Account Allow non-users to view small pics? Answered

Does signing up for a pro account allow non-users to view the smaller pictures in each step without signing up? Jeff


Ummm...your question is really hard to understand. "Does signing up...allow...without signing up?"

If you do not log on to the site, there is no way for the site to know who you are. Therefore you (obviously) only have access to the minimal features of non-users.

Once you've logged in, you have access to the full feature set of your account. If you paid for Pro, then you have access to all the Pro features.

I think he's asking whether pro users have the option to make secondary images available to all, regardless of pro status.

Exactly. I was hoping that if I signed up for a pro account the secondary pics in my instructables would be viewable by all.

Too bad. That was the one thing I was hoping for. I would have paid well over twice as much to open all my instructables pics to the general public. Thanks for the prompt feedback guys. Jeff

if that happened then instructables wouldn't get user and those non user would not become pro because there is no need, the account is free so technically the public could see, the would just have to wait for five minutes. in other words it is better to only show users all pics

wow i just realized it has been one month since the last post

No, viewable by you is as far as it goes unfortunately. Welcome to the club! L