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Does Pvc glue work with ABS pipes? Answered



Short answer, yes and no. It will glue them, but it may have adverse effects on one or the other: The bond will not be up to snuff with standards required for pretty much any proper plumbing, and I wouldn't want to make something like a potato gun with the wrong glue... Art? go ahead! function? get the right glue. It's not expensive.

if you are joining PVC to PVC I would stick with PVC cement. and if you are doing ABS to ABS then stick with ABS cement. And if you are doing ABS to PVC, use ABS to PVC transitional cement. They make the different kinds of cement for probably some important reasons, so I would just spend the extra money as it could save a lot of trouble and headaches in the future.

Apparently it does, but I have never tried it. You may need to experiment. If you are joining abs to abs or pvc to abs, I think you can get an all purpose pvc abs cement.
Joining the two together goes against some plumbing codes though, so you may need a rubber transition coupling.

What are you trying to do?