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Does Wireless networking work on PCs, or only laptops? And if it does, how do you set it up? Answered



It does work on PCs. The one way that I have seen it set up is through a USB device. At my church we don't have the computers wired directly to the Internet, so we have a USB receiver on each computer in order to receive the internet.

Where's the source coming from? Are you just picking it up off someone's router?

The source is coming from our own router. A router must be present to provide the signal.

Well right, but where is the source of the internet coming from if you have no computers wired directly to the internet? Do you pick up other signals from other routers?

The router connects to the modem. Whatever you would normally be plugging a CAT-5 cable into, that's where the router goes. You can hook up computers to the router, and you may have to to set it up initially, but it doesn't need to stay connected.

You can also buy PCI card adapters to add wireless capability to a desktop PC. The computer on which I am typing this is using a Linksys WMP54G PCI adapter. They are better contained, don't have the chance to be knocked off, and have a detachable antenna, so you can upgrade to get better range if you want.

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