Does Xbee work under water? Answered


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Does anyone know of the range of Series 1, 1mW Xbee modules under water or if that even works? If not would a 60mW one work? And we are assuming that the Xbee does not get wet or anything like that and is in full working condition.


No. The absorption in the Ghz bands is very strong.

Do you know of any modules like Xbee or any other mode to easily communicate underwater wirelessly?

+1 for Steve's answer.

You'd need a very low frequency (long waves) to communicate under water. Submarine vessels use kHz frequencies and have antenna cables of some hundred metres in tow.

That was my knowledge until the last minute. The I found this on Google:

May or may not be what you want.

COULD be sonic, or ultrasonic ? Can't see anything in that link to indicate the waveband, if its RF.

Checked their web site.

On it says:

"Hardware: [...]; sophisticated ultrasound technology and advanced digital signal processing.
Transmission/Receiving: Small and effective acoustic antennas had to be coupled with the equipment."

So they don't use RF, but do it the dolphins' way. As they only send texts or distress signals the bandwidth should be okay. Guess it's just a few bytes per second.

Depending on Hammock Boy's use case, ultrasound might be a way to go.

verence's answer is correct.

The US navy communicates to submarines in longwave frequencies
from a very long ( over a mile comes from fallible memory ) antenna
located in a mid western state.
Strange to be located far but equidistant from the two major oceans..

The information transmitted is very slow...
Best that can be expected is a differentiation between which sub should
rise to periscope depth and squirt a satellite request for a coded order.