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Does a 600w invertor draws more current even w/out using full capacity? Answered

IS it better to buy a lower Watt version if we are not going to use full capacity to conserve battery?
SLA 7amp, 600w 110v inverter with a 9w light load = operation time?

is it better to charge a netbook with a cigarette adapter say 9v VS an inverter and Netbooks Brick?


Generally higher-wattage inverters are more expensive, but not necessarily less efficient. Nor necessarily more efficient. Look at the specs on the units you're considering.

It *would* be more efficient to use a DC-to-DC voltage converter matched to the needs of the device being charged.

Assuming like technology, a higher output device will generally draw more idle current than a lower output device, although I'm sure someone can find examples that don't follow the basic rule.