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Does a clothing steamer work well as a fog machine? Answered

If I was to put fog juice in my clothes steamer would it work reasonably well for creating a slow stream of steady fog or just destroy my steamer?



Best Answer 7 years ago

No, foggers have different jets.


Thanks L, I did not account for the pressure buildup in a fog machine vs free flowing in a steamer.

You should totally do it. I'll start taking up a collection for bail.

Just the smoke. I figure I can watch the bust on COPS. Unless you're wearing a shirt, that is. They never arrest anybody on COPS who's wearing a shirt.

oh darn, you got my number ;-)

(in actuality, I'm far to skinny to go shirtless except for when it's 90 degrees and 80% humidity. I'm wearing a tee shirt, a flannel, and an ugly, yet warm sweater my mom gave me for Christmas last year)

Too skinny? Wish I had that problem....

Seriously though. That's a very nifty device.

Thanks, and no, you really shouldn't. It makes the winter a real bear.

If I do ever get it running again, I'll fire it up and post the video here, if it's before my membership runs out that is.


7 years ago

Do You know of a good way to clean out and care for a fog machine I am going to buy a nice one and dont want it ruined like the past 3 cheap ones that I have had

Just run a tank or two of distilled water through it before you store it. Also, never store it with the tank empty, as this can cause the pump to seize up.

There is my problem I store it with the tank empty, I just figured a high power pump like that could handle a little air, silly me.


7 years ago

Was that an oil BASED fog I did not think glycol had much of a buildup in anything but the heater?

Fog machines work by vapourizing liquid (glycol etc) on a hot surface. The resulting vapour is what you see. Clothing steamers have a couple of options how they work, some just have a boiler and valve -- do not put fog juice in one of these. Some work similar to a fogger by spritzing water on a hot plate -- that might work, but as others say will gunk up.

Mine is just a boiler and thus would get clogged quickly thanks for your input.

good point f. I should have mentioned that they work by pushing "smoke fluid" through an annular (ring shaped) space between a pipe and a rod-like "immersion" heating element, then through a simple pinhole nozzle, little different than any other nozzle except sized depending on flow.

Now THAT'S a fogger I could learn to love. Probably not if I had to use it every day, but on special occasions that sucker would be the bomb.

Also, when it gets overheated, fog juice releases some nasty toxic fumes. I wouldn't risk it without knowing some more details about both the fog juice and the steamer.

Important Mostly Unrelated Safety Tip:
Never, under any circumstances, put tequila in a fog machine. No matter how funny you think it would be, just don't do it.