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Does any body know were I can get red phosphorus. I need it for making matches.? Answered

I realy want this stuff for some strike anywhere matches. I know that I can get it from safety match boxes but I don't want to spend the rest of my life collecting them. I will apreciate any help people can give me.



5 months ago

I too was looking to Improve the effectiveness of a strike anywhere match using red phosphorus.... until I saw that 100grams costs $70.00 and realized I don’t really want to invest time and money in an outdated fire starting technology. Besides using a ferrocerium rod is more rewarding.

They use this stuff in magic kits to make a flame from a snap of your finger tips. If you just need a little bit, try a magic shop.

Or to make meth. But I believe you. c:

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you can buy right oin e-bay, small amount and large amounts. Yes its that simple.

You guys need to leave my dude alone he's just trying to do his thing

Are you sure you need them for matches, Mr. White?


Buy some flares, and break them open. That powder is red phosphorus.

Chemical supply house.

Why not _buy_ strike-anywhere matches? They're still available, I believe; check camping supply stores.

I have read the MSDS on red phosphorus and I know it is bad stuff. However it is the active component in the striking paper on kitchen matches so it can't be that bad. I regularly do experiments with nasty stuff, besides I am not going to store these or keep them in the house. The reason for this is because I have heard of these spontaniously combusting. I do have plenty of lab equipment for eperiments.

Modern strike-anywhere matches should not spontaneously combust. Older formulations -- which is what it sounds like you're considering -- can and do, which is why they were discontinued.

I consider that another good argument for not DIY. Or, if you must, at least do the research to find out how to do it right.

If we can't discourage you, the answer remains the same: Laboratory supply houses. If you're competent to work with it, you should be able to figure out how to work with them.

Thank you very much for your advice. I have spent several hours researching how to do this and I think that I have all of the equipment. So I think I can do it without blowing myself to bits. However after thinking about it I am going to either not do this or get the phosphorus from matchboxes. This isn't because I am afraid of hurting myself, it is because I don't really want to be on a BATF watch list for buying this stuff.

You don't want to be playing with phosphorous - it's hazardous.
I can find strike-anywhere matches, are they prohibited where you live?


Read and understand the Material Safety Data Sheet before you even thing about going anywhere near the stuff: (Websearch for "MSDS red phosphorous" will find sheets from several manufacturers.)

It's nasty. The main thing to be said in its favor is that white/yellow phosphorous is even worse.

I really think this proposed project is a Bad Idea for anyone who doesn't have a serious chemistry lab available to them, and experts who can advise on how to proceed with minimum risk. There are some things which pose more risk than the gain can possibly justify. This strikes me as one.

Sorry -- "even think". Fingers were running faster than brain was. Happens sometimes.

Are you sure you can't get the matches anywhere, or do you just want to see if you can make your own? The purchase of chemicals that are used to make methamphetamine may bring you unwanted attention. Also as lemonie says, it's hazardous.

I don't know any were I can get strike anywhere matches and besides I want to make them from scratch with chemicals. I was going to use potassium chlorate, wich I have, and red phosphorus.

Websearch for "strike anywhere matches" immediately finds lots of vendors.