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Does any body recognise this insect? Answered

It was in my friend's kitchen.
We thought that it was a beetle but it it appears furry and almost like a bee under the carapace.
I can't seem to find any images of this.

It seemed a bit poorly so I couldn't examine it too much; I put it on some flowers outside.

The last picture is from my google search for " furry beetle".


I've seen them all my life in Texas. They start out as a white grub with a black face that lives in the ground and eats the root off our lawn. Sometimes you'll see big dead patches of grass in the spring and it's the grubs.

They are attracted by light at night and I used to have an eastern box turtle.  I'd take her out and sit under the street light and let her eat her fill of june bugs.  Some times she'd eat a dozen or more.  That was a long time ago.  Traded her to a zoo in Sweden for I don't remember what.


6 years ago

that beetle belongs to my aunt!!!! :p

I think it may be a weevil, but I don't recognise it.


I should have explained its size in my question ; about an inch long.

If it is about an inch long then a cockchafer is most likely, Google will provide similar pictures.

Following a standard taxonomy chart (http://www.amentsoc.org/insects/what-bug-is-this/adult-key.html) gets me as far as identifying it as a Beetle (Order: Coleptera) but that's not much help, as the Beetles are the largest order of insects. You'll probably need to look at an insect field guide to get further than that. It's best to find one specific to your region. Your local library will have one. Probably several. It will be best to have the book and the insect in the same place. That means either taking the book home or taking the bug to the library. :-)

Thanks for your help and advice.
Re-design managed to identify it before I could investigate further.