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Does any know how to make a 1 way mirror with out using window film?? Answered

Does any know how to make a 1 way mirror with out using window film??
I do not like the quality of the window film??
Thank You all so Much!!



7 years ago

Maybe a real thin coating of aluminum spray paint. it might not reflect that well but if its thin you should be able to see through it.

have you ever tried this? i want to do a rear-projection through it. Should I test out just any aluminum spray paint?

What about aluminum powder + a gel medium?

Thank You all so much... You guys are awesome :)

Follow this procedure, but make sure to only coat one side, and coat it for a short amount of time.


A 1-way mirror (often) merely has a thinner layer of aluminum or silver than a regular mirror.  It transmits light equally in both directions, but the side that is better-lighted (outside a car, for example) sees a reflection, while the other side in the dark (inside a car) can see through the coating.

It is possible to make such a mirror but the way I know--chemical silvering-- involves a lot of effort and rather expensive chemicals (silver nitrate).  You would probably have to silver several pieces of glass for different lengths of time to get the right coating thickness.  Even then, the coating would scratch easily.

Bottom line is that window film is probably the best bet for the amateur.  It does require some care in application, so follow the instructions carefully. (The stuff I've used required careful squeegee-ing to get all the water out from between film and glass.)

Good luck!

On the back of the mirror put a straight edge and scribe thin lines through the backing paint and the silver all the way to the glass.

These can be very fine - Craft knife width if you put them about 4 x as far apart as they are wide.

from the back you can see through. From the front although you see the lines the mirror reflection prevents you seeing through (unless you are VERY close).