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Does any one know how i can get fiber optic cable that i can use for small leds Answered

I am also wondering weather nylon cable has the same properties?


Fibre optic isn't just a single cable - to work at all well it has to be a tube of high refractive index material with a core of lower refractive material. Just nylon line wouldn't do this BUT you could try after all it's not going to cost a lot.

thank you so much i found i nice set on ebay for somthing i am building for school...i might not be able to get it in to a competition for the school... either way it will eventualy end up on instructables and feel free to subscribe:)

For all I know for nylon (monoline to be precise) is that the thinner the diameter the better.

Where in the world are you

In the UK Rapidonline sell optical fibre.

My kids and I get the remaindered fibre christmas trees and dissect all the fibre from them.
Nylon cable doesn't work in my experience.