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Does any one know how to make a good bunker? Answered

 i want to make a ''bunker'' in a natural part of my town as a place to hide and hang out. if you have any ideas please tell me!


If you insist this is your preferred course, my suggestions include ARMY FM21-76, Survival FM5-35(might be wrong nomenclature, can't find mine in the dark) Engineers Field Data. There is another but it's been too long and I've slept since then. In the 21-76 relevant info is about a revetted fox hole. essentially you utilize "brushwood hurdles" to reinforce your walls(filled sand bags are a better choice for a more enduring structure). Be certain to use good sturdy materials  to support the roof (solid rail road ties,6-10 inch logs, 6x6's)use corrugated metal or a sturdy tarp spread across the supports. Since you are not trying to ward off artillery rounds, keep the amount of dirt on top to a minimum(no point borrowing trouble).
Personally, If you're aiming for covert, your biggest challenge is going to be constructing it unnoticed. Good luck

Treehouse is probably easier, safer, and less likely to get you in trouble with whoever owns that land.

Whatever you do DON'T just dig a hole and climb in.  Several people a year are killed when the sides collapse.

If you are looking at that kind of thing, then Mike Oehler's book "The $50 (and up) underground house" is for you.