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Does any one know how to make a heater for a deer blind and one that doesn't burn it down? Answered


Since deer blinds are basically wooden boxes with holes in the side to look out of, wouldn't it make better sense to heat the hunter? Wear thermal underwear, layers of insulated clothing, and take along a flask of decent coffee.

yes is makes since to have a heater if you hunted in a box when it is 30 deges out side u would under stand

at wal mart they have a propane bottle heater top for a mini propane bottle

or get a heater top a a garge sale

this is what we do for are deer box blind

Get an old clean coffee can, a roll of toilet paper, and a few bottles of rubbing alcohol. Put the toilet paper in the can, and pour the rubbing alcohol on it and let it soak in really good, then light it. I've used this many times in the deer woods and while duck hunting in a rice field. Don't knock it over, and don't sit on it and you shouldn't set your blind on fire.

You can get a 12 volt heater. They are used in RVs and boats. Your local carparts shop probably has them. Mine cost about $20. Then take a truck battery, or a deep-cyle boat battery with you, and plug it in. Once you've used it a couple of times, there is little or no smell (as long as you keep it from getting dusty). There is almost no risk of fire. They won't "cook you out", but will definitely take the edge off a cold December hunt.

Anything that creates an odor other than background is going to spook the deer, kind of defeating the purpose of being out there in the first place. My money is on Kiteman's advice; wear loose, layered clothing. Stay warm from the inside.