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Does any one know how to make the reed scented liquid? Answered

I like those reed scented air fresheners but I don't want to spend big buck buying a new one every time I run out of liquid.  I figure that someone in the community must know how to make the scented liquid since there are perfumes on the site.


Go looking for "essential oils" and you'll easily find someone selling them online. You could probably get 'em ordered today for delivery early next week.
Raving has said what to do with them.
Extracting your own is possible but probably not what you'd want to do.


You can use any of the perfume recipes on the site, or just mix your own using essential oils and a carrier such as water, vodka or almond oil.
If you'd rather use fruit, herbs or flower petals, try soaking them in vodka for a couple of weeks in a sealed container kept in a dark cupboard. This will infuse the vodka with the volatile oils from whatever you're soaking. It's also a great way to make cordials, BTW.
Depending on what scent you want, flavor extracts from the baking aisle may work, too. Vanilla extract cut with a little vodka would be quite nice, I think.