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Does anybody have a link to one of those websites that "scan" your computer for viruses? Answered

I'm looking for one of those websites that plays alittle flash video and makes it look like it's scanning for viruses on a PC, even if you're on a MAC.
Can someone send me a link?


Check the Bugs forum in Community. This was a hot topic a couple of weeks ago, and somebody may have included a URL or two in their posting.


8 years ago

Stay away. If you know enough to attack the site or host you know enough to pull their numeric  IP address. Since you dont, nothing good will come of it.. If you are sending someone else there dont, I wouldnt do that to an enemy.
There are white hat groups that look for and disrupt these sites. Leave it to them.

You know these things are dodgy? Good security software will block them.


check Microsoft. They have some form of online checker that has, for me, been invaluable on two recent occasions, although I can't cite the address for you.