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Does anybody have an alternative to a faux-hawk? Answered

It's for Halloween, so it'd be temporary. I'm a girl, and my hair goes to mid-back. It can be a bit hard to control. I would like something resembling a faux-hawk, mostly because I want it up and noticeable/different, but I wouldn't be able to do that myself.

Either an alternative, or perhaps a way for me to just give myself a faux-hawk. I don't have the first idea how to go about it.

Thanks in advance!

Note: If it helps, it's for a small party, and I'm going as either a kid from the 80s or a Lost Boys-esque vampire.


Another solution: Bald-head "wig" with fake mohawk on top of it. Though it sounds like your real hair is too long to make that work unless you can tuck it down the back of a hoodie or something of that sort.

Of course there were other 80's hairstyles, even other 80's punk hairstyles. That's when the day-glo hair colors started appearing, if I remember correctly.

A faux-hawk would be really hard to do with long hair, and then you have to consider how you'll walk through doors and sit in the car.  You could something a bit simpler by pulling your hair into a series of pony tails which feed into one another.  A bit of hair spray and gel will give some height.  It would be a bit like the Sanjaya faux hawk but rather than leaving the ends loose, you just feed a bit into next pony tail to reduce the size.

Some alternatives for 80s hairstyle would be a side pony tail, teased hair, big bangs, crimped hair, or some combination.  You can also add neon streaks into your hair.

For a Lost Boys hairstyle, you really just need to do something that resembles a mullet which can be as simple as leaving your hair down and slicking it back.  You'll probably need bobby pins and gel.

google "how to style a faux hawk"



7 years ago

Buy yourself an extra large jar of mousse and do this: