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Does anybody have somthing fun and easy that I could do over the summer? Answered

The school year has just ended and summer begun.
Does any body have anything fun and easy to do over these long and hot summer days?



Wait until the circus comes to town, and when it does go there.  Your goal is to talk to, and try to befriend some of the performers.  

See if you can convince them to take you with them when they leave town.

Then you can say "goodbye" to boring old school forever, and say "hello" to an exciting new life in the entertainment industry!

I traveled with a small circus for a few weeks (as a barker/ringmaster) when I was in college and it was great . Talk about sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll. We traveled in a 1954 International Harvester school bus with multiple mechanical issues. Luckily, we had parted ways (with good feeling all around, I had to go back to school) before they were pulled over and detained by a SWAT team in West Texas who thought that they were trying to pick up school kids waiting for the real school bus. It was an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous misunderstanding, and the were escorted to the county line.

This is such a rad idea. I think I am going to try this next summer actually. How long ago was this? Have circuses stopped doing this kind of thing?

This was in 1999 or so. The one I was with is no longer active, but there are others, like the March Fourth Marching Band out of Portland, OR.

Erm... I'm trying to get a mental picture of this.

Was the circus-party-bus still painted the same style, and color, as an ordinary school bus? I mean so that it might conceivably be confused with a real school bus.

Did this circus have any animals?   

Yes, it was still yellow, with black lettering that read "Incognito". The circus had a dreadlocked cat named Shoeturkey and a bear costume.

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