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Does anybody know a way to link two networks wirelessly (with directional antennas) where more than one jump is needed? Answered

By "more than one jump" I mean that I want to send a wireless signal from my house via a directional antenna to a device that then repeats the signal down to the destination (also via directional antenna). I thought of just an average repeator, but I haven't seen one that works with directional antennas. Any Suggestions? Thanks, -Double_G


You could set up arepeater or a wireless distribution system . I would recommend either dd-wrt, openwrt or other third party firmware on a compatible router (I'd recommend a linksys wrt54gl as it has detachable antennas) and extending your system that way and connecting with a cantenna or old satellite dish, both of which I'm sure you can easily find right here on instructables. As for setting up a wireless distribution with y our current set-up, try googling.

Wireless Access Points can be setup to extend the signal of your wireless router

the range of a wireless router is around 300 Feet

It really depends on how far you want the signal to travel, whether there are natural or man-made things in the way, how much radio interference is nearby. I would suggest taking a walk (with your laptop+netstumbler if you have one) and looking to see if it is even feasible.

Ok, the reason I'm doing this is because I can't directly send the signal from my location, however if I bounce the signal using some type of hardware I do have line of sight with the destination (its to far for wired LAN to be cost effective). From what I've read directional antennas have ranges over 2 miles so I don't think distance is a problem with wireless. So really I just want to know if their is a device that will redirect my signal through to aim at two different networks. Thanks, and I hope this clarifies the situation -Double_G