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Does anybody know anything about Thin Client computers? Help!? Answered

I need to buy a-lot of say about 5-10 thin clients of some kind for my house, basic idea- I want to put a thin client on each TV, so I can watch a Tv on PC program. Mabey even look at internet on them, etc.. Can anybody recomend a brand that is half decent? So far I havent found anybody that can help me. I am 13, so I want to keep the costs down (Ebay)


not a bit overkill for just home computing / tv ? no need in brand or anything. determine what you want from your pcs and find second hand pcs with sufficient performance video (especially video capturing) may require quite powerfull computer. powerfull enough to justify its own hard drive (which in turn makes it a full computer and not a thin client)

Managed to get a Cheap HP T5700 for $30 and yes can use them to view video/ audio over a network - ( posted Instructable to show how ) Advantage over a PC is low power consumption and No noisey fans to distract from watching experience .

Having Done it know what you want General full size PC Computers can do it but use power ++ and Fan Noise is a pain - Minimum spec is a Thin Client with a 500Mhz Cpu to do the Job the common Compaq T20 and T30 cannot do it need a beefier Thin client like HP Compaq Thin Client T5700 problem is these cost more than a similar PC but are a nice solution .

Lol, well I just bought some Compaq Evo T20s for pretty cheap. I wont do the TV on PC thing though b/c we got dish, lol

I suggest building your own, do a little research on what you need to build one and it is actually really easy.