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Does anybody know how to produce powdered metals (Al, Fe, etc)? Answered

I have done some research and found some methods though they are more industrial such as atomization. I am curious if there is a method that could reasonably be done at home with fairly easy to find/acquire materials. Thanks in advance



Best Answer 8 years ago

Here's a video on using a blender, rocktumbler and some steel shot to produce powered aluminum.

I assume you could use a similar method on other soft metals.

Does anyone here need to remind you to not breath ANY of the material. Or that powdered anything can be explosive. Yes we know you're trying to make rocket fuel or thermite, but you need to remember that these things have a way of igniting when you least expect them to.

You can also get powdered alum. from the inside of an etch-a-sketch.

Thank you, I am quite aware of the dangers of anything powdered and intend to take necessary safety measures (dustmask, neutralization of possible static sources, etc) Actually it's interesting how volatile some things can be when powdered such as sugar. Good for cheap firebreathing.

Wow, I figured a ball mill would not work on the softer metals. I'm going to also try this out for copper and the like for fireworks. Thanks for your help!

Metal-cutting file and a lot of elbow grease, or equivalent...?

That's what I have been told my many, but would prefer a slightly easier way. Also, I'm not sure whether softer metals would grind down as well...

Are you concerned with any sort of purity with these metals?

The purer it is the better, though I can deal with only 80 % purity if no better method is presented.

I've heard of using a rock tumbler with ball bearings and your metal dumped inside it.