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Does anybody know if a Cutler-Hammer 10250t/91000t switch can handle mains voltage? Answered

It also has A600 and P600 on it. I'm not sure if that means anything though.



Best Answer 9 years ago

. Look on the black part at the bottom (the actual switch part) and you should find some specs molded into the plastic. You may need to remove the actuator/operator.There are two screws that enter from the bottom of the switch block.
. You can ignore any numbers on the actuator/operator (the red and chrome parts). These are interchangeable and have nothing to do with the electrical properties of the switch.
. As a rule-of-thumb, most industrial switches like the one you show are rated for at least 250VAC.
. BTW, I think C-H is now a part of Eaton. May make a difference when you search.


Answer 9 years ago

Well I tried what you said and it worked. I didn't think the two parts were made to come apart, so its rated for 6 amps@120 volts and that's all I need. Thank you!


9 years ago

Probably. Eaton look like they make mains stuff, but I couldn't track down specific voltage / current data for that switch. You could try yourself by Googling "Cutler-Hammer 10250t/91000t switch" but it didn't help me, for as long as I spent clicking links anyway... L