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Does anybody know of a Canadian source of buying KNO3? Answered

I have looked everywhere in my city and cannot find anywhere that sells stump remover or any other potassium nitrate product. If somebody says "look at lowes" they should be ashamed =P

I have looked at Lowes, Home Hardware, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, and every other garden supply center around.


yup just go to the pharmacy and look for saltpeter or ask for it. If they ask what you're doing with it, Say I dunno grandpa told me to pick some up. There isn't very much in there, maybe enough to fill a few shot glasses and it might cost around 7 bucks? it's been a while since i've bought any.

The only local pharmacy i know of is Shoppers Drug Mart XD I am going to go there and try to get some this weekend though, if it doent work i will try some pharmacies in hamilton.

i've got some from a pharmacy in a large grocery store (save on foods) and also in a place smaller then shoppers drug mart. I'm sure they will have it. If not just ask the pharmacist that your grandma sent you to get some, so where is it. I'm pretty sure you'll find some there

does the whole buying at a pharmacy thing still work after 8 years?

yes and no

After three months of research I had finally found out that home hardware sells a 15 dollar stump remover. Although it's a price to pay, it's still better than no potassium nitrate. Here's a video I made about it:

and here's the link to the product:


I went to a few pharmacies today, shoppers drug mart, and a couple local ones. Shoppers could order the KNO3 for and sell it to me for $15, where as one of the small, local drug stores is selling the same 500g bottle for $9. Its pretty awesome, and i should be getting it by Tuesday this week.

This company sells it: http://www.theplantguy.org/PlantGuys-Potassium-Nitrate-KNO3-500g-_p_618.html You need to send them a copy of your driver's license, though.


9 years ago

you can make it but i dont have all the supplys to make it and post it.

...you can buy very small amounts at some small pharmacists...