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Does anybody know of a website for learning how to create remote controlled machines? Answered

I am a part of science olympiad at my school and we are trying to enter into the remote control arm competition. The point of science olympiad is to help students learn about different science fields. Well, the problem is that the only person who knew about remote control machines and electronics had to leave due to personal issues and the sponsoring teacher does not know about electronics, only chemistry and biology. I searched superficially through the internet and I could only find advanced remote control machines and not how to work about the basics such as a simple switch control. I was wondering if anyone knew of more descriptive websites or tutorials for remote control design?


Er, have you tried searching this very website?

There's a whole channel dedicated to robotics, another to remote control,  another to general microcontrollers and one specifically to Arduino.

Add to that this Q&A section, plus the very friendly forums, and you should be able to get most, if not all, of the information you need.


6 years ago

Don't do it, self replicating machines are a disaster waiting to happen. 

Try this site they help you build neat machines.