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Does anybody knows the pinout of the steering harness on a 1989 GMC SIERRA ? Answered

Hello, "Somebody" tried to steal my truck last night. He/They broke sliding rear window and destroyed the ignition switch on my poor truck. He/They bent the rod that goes to the "Steering Switch Harness". So I can Replace the whole steering column, or make a "Hidden key-less push-button ignition switch"
But I don't know the wiring pin-out of the steering harness. I desperately need help with this.
Thanks for reading and Helping. Also any creative suggestion will be appreciated.
Mr. Lunna Xiii


I'd go play around in a junkyard. Even if you don't buy the parts you can take a look at the wiring and take pictures for future reference.

Good luck!

Hello, Thanks I will try asking over the phone. Here in Seattle the junk yards charge you to get in. And most of the time they don't have trucks that new. The ones that do carry trucks don't even let you in. You have to order your part and they remove it for you and they are super expensive.
Thank you very much tho,

Thats insane! Here you just walk in and do as you please.

.  You'll probably have to wade through a bunch of junk, but try this.

Thanks, I spent the last few days going through every search results from: 1989 GMC SIERRA and '89 GMC SIERRA; including steering wheel harness, ignition,
wiring, diagrams, etc... I know that maybe I can find it in a Haynes' or Chilton's repair manual, but as of this moment my finances are bleak. Once I run into a website that I believe it's called pinouts.com but when I went there is gone.
Hey NachoMahma Thank you so much, Wish me luck.
Mr. Lunna Xiii

.  There is a site called pinouts.ru, but I don't think it has what you are looking for. I will keep my eyes open.

They don't have that kind of pinout. But, wow nice site. Thanks a lot!
I know it will be a frequented site in my list.

.  There is a good chance that connector pinouts and wire colors are the same for several GM models and years. Eg, the steering column wiring diagram may be the same for a, say, 1985-1993 Chevy Suburban and your 1989 Sierra. YMMV.