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Does anybody think this video is sad? Answered

This video is a clip from Daft Punk's movie Electroma with a different song by them called Make Love.
I find this clip very saddening. To get this jist of the movie watch the second clip (the video doesn't really start till 33 seconds in) and it has pretty good music! Basically the robot with the silver helmet wants to become human and the robot in the gold helmet is his best friend. They try and become human in a robot world.

any thoughts?


i dunno maybe im emotionally dead on the inside but all i got was a bunch of robots staring at the humans for being different.

The first time I watched the first video I was wierded out, second time I watched I almost cryed...

That is way sad. Robots should never be suicidal... ;_; I need to go hug my laptop...

Yes, the world has turned into robots, all hope is lost. I'm going to go light myself on fire.

I didn't watch it, but..


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