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Does anyone else think we need a random Instructable button? Answered


Yes, but I don't want a random page of Instructables, I just want it to open one random 'ible.

Mmm, pages are easy because you can query the database by numbers. What you're asking for is something different.
Put together a Forum Topic, saying you'd like a 1-click take-me-to-a-random-Instructable button so you can "channel-hop" them, and that you think lots of other people would like it too.
Someone who can might agree with you and do it.


There is one, and always has been.  Look at the Browse page, right next to "zeitgeist."

yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what button?


8 years ago

For sure!  Right after "Submit".

I'll click it all day long!

 I am lovin the idea

I think such a button already exists. Starting from Home:
Click Browse:

Then the Instructables tab, then the link labeled "random"

It's the one on the end of a list that looks like this: 
featured | popular | recent | rating | views | zeitgeist  | random

Clicking the "random" link will lead to urls similar to the following:
Those urls all look the same except for the number suffixed to "sort=random_". 
This suffix number, or the act of choosing it, might have something to do with the randomness

I wouldn't say we need it, but it is fun to play with sometimes.

Are you saying that you don't want the button, or that you like the idea of the  button?