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Does anyone ever do stop motion anymore? I know I do Answered

I was looking on You tube and I saw lots of stop motion and I really wanted to know if anyone on this site did any more stop motion. They are really awesome!!Please if anyone has the will to make a group for stop motion please do so.



7 years ago

Just watched some videos by the artist PES.  Definitely great, contemporary stop-motion.


i do
i prefer claymation but i do both


7 years ago

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I got mad skllz w/ LEGO stp motn

Check me an my buds at lego-mation.weebly.com

www.prestokey.webs.com my friends do the claymations... I haven't the mad skillz...

the claymations are (on a scale of 1-10) definitly a 8 or 9..
nice work.

Thank you! And nice to see you recovered your account!

oh yah, but believe me, i 
would not have been able to recover
without dombeef..
hes great

I've only recently started to work on this again (as I haven't had a lot of time I could spend upright lately :-) 

I have attempted stop motion on several occasions, but have not truthfully succeeded. It would be nice if someone would post an 'Ible on it.

very cool
cheese races

and I see you are
a fan of LOLCAT:
such bad bad grammar
LOLCAT has...

I like some of the LOLCAT pics.....my favorite being:


yah i know! I love the cute LOL catz! I love the one where there is a kitten in bed and only his tiny little head is showing!

oh ayh,I have seen that one many times I did that to my bro when he went to school (he had a very confused look)

oh yah,I love the one also where there is a kitty in a bed(and he is peeking over the covers:

c'an I have some water.oh,and I bedtime story,nightlight and a hug,that would be real nice

I noticed your Avatar....and wondered if you ever saw this one:


I saw this one (a woman's mind) and the Handball Player, awhile back too:

Womans Mind.gifHandball.gif

Like wolf... said, a tripod would help. Whenever the camera isn't fixed, it ends up looking all choppy. Yours does look pretty good though.

Oh I know......I need to find a way to make a decent stand for my odd ball el'cheapo camera :-)

Though the choppy look can be very effective in some cases, it can make a stop motion look a lot funnier...

You could always start your own group, and if you're any good at it, I don't think we have had a full ible on how to do stop-motion yet. Lots of tries, but nothing up to scratch (unless I've missed it - I'm not entirely omniscient).

I've done a stop motion before, it was a pain

yah,it takes forver,but then at the end all of the photos are corrupted

This is problerly one of the best I uploaded as I still have tons of cd's with loads of pictures that I haven't developed yet. And this is the first stop motion I ever made

(Just as a note joem1523 is my personal account and 22ndstudios is the joint account with my best friend OWRBtheo. Who's better at stop motion than me ;-).)

Also the videos on mine and the joint account are from over a year ago.

Your first one is really good, thanks for sharing !

I love stop motion! I haven't had the time for it, but I've done it a couple of times. Super, duper, fun.

oh yah it is soo fun! I just did one with my bro and it is called TETRIS! we used blackish brown clay though

I have done stop motion projects before, I'm about to start my media course next monday, I was considering it for one project later in the year, If I had a decent program I'd have some nice things to make but at the moment it's not a possibility until I get some nicer software and some serious RAM...

oh,we just use a movie making program on the computer.It all comes out fine.And nice o know im not the only one!! :)