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Does anyone have a 28 LED Diagram Using Photocell & NPN Transistor? Answered

I am new at electronic engineering but i just have a few questions about a diagram i tested which seems to work, but i rather more opinions to ensure my transistor, or leds, or resistors, or anything else doesn't burn out but last.

Can someone advise me if i need to change any resistors? I need some guidance please. Thank you for the help, its really appreciate. In the future i may be downgrading to 5MM LEDs...Red & White. When i do downgrade, will i need to replace my resistors? MY circuit is in parallel..Should it be a good idea to switch to a Series Circuit instead?


The all-up running current for the LEDs is 120mA will the transistor handle that ????

i was thinking if it could, but the LEDs manage to work, but i need to make sure the transistor doesn't burn out. Do i need to add a resistor between the transistor and the negative side of the LEDs?

It depends entirely on the transistor, if it can handle the current.

Ok so this looks ok and will work just fine? If i downgrade to 5MM LEDs i would have to switch my resistors correct?