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Does anyone have a Protocycler+ and is it worth the money? Answered

I'm thinking about getting into low volume filament manufacturing and was wondering if it was a good machine. Is it worth $999?



5 days ago

If goog temp control and a good extruder is use very clos if not identical to filament bought in a shop.
The only real problems I had were all related to the process itself, like making sure the diameter stays constan and the filament cools enough before winding it.


6 days ago

If you ask me then it all depends on (really) well you can print, what filament you used and what your expectations are for the recycled product.
Going with fresh pellets is certainly an option that would be prefered.
Next thing is the consistency.
I played around with the recycling idea during my heavy duty printing times but gave up on it.
PLA is not worth the efford as every tiny bit of overheating or debris in the scrap will cause problems with the recycled products.
Nylon is just a total pain in the behind.
ABS is the only type I considered to recycle.

If you check the costs for new filament, especially in bulk quantities then you get an idea on how much money you need to save along the way.
No one really buys from an unknown source unless the price is much better than the rest out there.
And if then the quality does not hold up the bisiness idea can quickly backfire.
When I did the math about 3 years ago it came down to buying pellets in 50kg bags to make it worth the time and money for the equippment, plus energy costs.
Just one bag provides a lot of standard spools of filament that then need to be sold...


Reply 6 days ago

How is the quality of the filament when using fresh pellets?