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Does anyone have a broken ps3? Answered

Hey everyone, does anyone have a broken ps3 console or a motherboard for one. I have a CECHL01. It has the red screen of death and I want to get a new motherboard for it. If it has the ylod that is fine. If it is a system that has the ylod I might be interested in that. I have a hdd for it. I know that most people on this site would be willing to fix their own ps3.  


i have a ps3 with ylod if you are still interested

I have a couple lying around now that will probably be fixed and sold or parted out. But thanks for the offer! I would reccomend fixing it yourself. It is so easy. It takes about an hour and cost around $12 if you already own or can borrow a heat gun. My little bro practically made me buy an xbox 360 but now that I am on the science olympiad team at my high school I have no time to work on them. But if you arent up to the task you can always sell it on ebay. If you say it has the ylod the bids will just keep going up and up.

This is the best I could find. http://www.psr1.com/ps3_repair.html

Thanks, but i am looking for a broken (with ylod) or working motherboard for the model I have above. Or a broken ps3 console (again with the ylod). I think that I found the perfect one on ebay. Now I just have to work out how i will get the money.