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Does anyone have a creative/cheap idea for toy storage? Answered

We have a mudroom with a single wall available to build something on. It's about 8 feet wide, and there is a 4-foot square window in the center of the wall (both horizontally & vertically), so we have about 2 feet on either side that could be something tall and thin like bookshelves, and then about 4 feet in the middle that would need to be shorter. I just don't want to spend $500 on bookshelves that my kids will destroy. I'd like to find an inventive way to use the space that's more fun than cheapo cabinets from IKEA (backup plan). Thanks!


You could take a 2x10 board and cut it to however tall you want it for the two side sections, and make a base from a 2x10 and secure it to the wall, having it stand up and having the 2' side of the board against the wall. You could then take another 2x10 board and cut them short and put them on sides of the vertical board, cutting them down to make a tree kind of from. You will need these to be secure, so use long screws to attach the boards and you would probably want supports underneath, if it doesn't feel secure enough, like those triangular metal pieces the use for shelves. Stack these boards up, alternating sides. Then for the center, you could find some sort of circular drum, maybe those concrete forms or maybe even an old tire you could clean up, and make a base so it doesn't role, and put horizontal shelves on the inside of the circular drum.

Ikea do a hanging shoe tidy which has an array of pockets. Suitable for lots of small toys. It displays them nicely and you get to choose the one you want.

Why not bolt a series of hessian sacks to the wall?

That's a great idea... and I could even sew up something like that quickly at home! Thank you!


9 years ago

buy a cheap bookcase and get some plastic tubs or baskets and set at child height.


9 years ago

Just put 'storage' into search and take your pick!

Rustlabs idea with milk crates is a good one. If you can't.....er, find some, buy the cheapest box type thing that you can, and mount them one on the other-securing them firmly. It is not good form to bury the children in an avalanche of crates.

.......it could make a bad impression on their minds.....