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Does anyone have a design or know how to make lobster pots? Answered

trying to catch a few lobsters and cant find a design on the internet.



10 years ago

It's one of those "traditional" crafts... nobody I know of who makes them works from a pattern (of course some have jigs and guides for certain parts). They all learned to do it from someone else and simply repeat the process over and over. If you look very carefully at the lobster pots in a specific region, you might notice that they vary slightly in design and materials, depending on who built them and who they learned it from. For example, in one community nearby everyone has welded steel lobster traps that are covered in netting and in another community that's a little out of the way, everyone uses lobster traps that are made of bent twigs and chainsaw-cut planks. Unfortunatly, I don't have a pattern or plan for it as I've been looking for one myself, but I'll make a suggestion. Go to someone who is using one and ask to buy one or ask them to show you how to make it. You never know, maybe you'll be lucky.