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Does anyone have a diagram for a male headphone jack to dual female RCA (red and black) connector? Answered

I have one male stereo headphone jack (tip, band, ground band), and two RCA connectors (red and black) and I need to solder them with speaker wire so I can get RCA output from a headphone jack. The speaker wire also has one copper wire and one silver looking metal wire so if it matters which metal to use on which lead I also need to know that. Thanks in advance.


Usually on speaker wire, I think, copper or red stripe markings indicate which is the hot lead. The plain or silver wire is ground. It really doesn't matter which is used as long as they match up to what you want to connect. Open up your plugs, you may need to pry off or unscrew the casing from the metal plug. Cut two pieces of speaker wire the length you want for your new cable. Split out the 2 leads from each end of the speaker wire about 1/2 inch. Strip off about 1/4 inch from each end of the wire. Starting with your mono RCA plugs, feed a wire through the housing. Put the copper lead into the center hole in the back of the plug. This is the hot. Solder. It may help to tin the wires into a solid lead first since speaker wire is usually stranded. Then connect the ground by placing the silver wire in the hole in the tab for the ground. This will be a metal part connected to the outside of the plug. Solder. Wire up the other RCA plug the same way. For the stereo jack, put the 2 free ends of the speaker wires through the housing. Solder both grounds together to the ground of your stereo plug. Now figure out if you want Red to be right channel and solder the hot lead for that plug to the ring or band tab. The left or Black is connected to the tip. If you think the connections might short out when the housing is screwed back on, you can insulate with a bit of electrical tape. Test it out to make sure the channels are correct. If not, desolder and switch the hot leads on your connectors. When corrected, close up all the plugs and enjoy. Good luck.


9 years ago

you will need the following resources

The first link will take you to the headphone pinout, while the second will take you to the rca pinout. wire all the grounds together, the left chanel to the signal on one of the rca plugs, and the right channel to the other rca plug.


Answer 9 years ago

btw... doesnt matter which wire you use, but i would put the thicker of the two wire on the positive (signal) connections.

Plug the headphone jack into an mp3 player or something and your RCA connectors. Then start trying different combinations of contacts. Hint: Start with the left or the right channel and figure it out, then do the other. Use your mp3 player's balance control to get a fix on which contacts are for which channel.