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Does anyone have a digital copy of Faraday's "Experimental Researches in Electricity: Vol. 3"? Answered

I am by no means an expert of copyright law, but Google doesn't seem to have a digital copy of volume 3. It has volumes 1 and 2. I know the copyright has expired.


Are you talking about the preview? Even Gutenberg doesn't have a downloadable pdf according to this site. Which I thought was really strange.

My fourth hit was my question in instructables. Were you talking about this: Experiment? I can't download that one. Sometimes my internet is a bit sketchy. It helps to be able to download and bookmark.

I was ambiguous: by "fourth hit", I meant fourth from the top, where "Shopping results" was third. Online Library at U Penn which has links to all three volumes.

At Google Books, I see all three volumes the same way, as scanned images of the pages, which you can step through with the side scroll bar or the navigation buttons. Where do you see a "downloadable PDF" of Volumes 1 or 2?

Thanks for the help. I love google; but I still don't know how or why they pick the books they do to digitize. This has happened before. But it's strange how they have Volume I and II, then not III. That's exactly what happened the last time; I had the spelling wrong. 

Cam has the link to Volume I, below.   Volume II