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Does anyone have a good template for a model of a solar eclipse for a 13 year olds project? Any ideas/help appreciated. Answered


Here's a pretty simple, yet very visual and interactive idea. All you need is a table, a light bulb on a stand, a miniature moon on a stand, and a map of the Earth held up on some cardboard with a bit of tape. You can cut a hole in the cardboard beforehand to see how well the fake eclipse will look and whether you should cut a hole in the map. Try different placements of the sun and moon to get a good ratio. (Do excuse my 30 second map done with a mouse...)

Solar Eclipse.jpg


As an alternative approach, you could place the light source behind a panel into which a hole has been cut, then move the moon across the path of the light to show the shadow forming on the world map. Sorta reversing the idea you show here...

This isn't an answer, just a anecdotal bit of info about eclipses.

When I was about 18, we had a pretty "good" solar eclipse here in Northern Ohio during the summer.

In fact, it was so good that images of the eclipse were generated on the ground by light diffracting thru the leaves of the trees. Millions of tiny images of the eclipse everywhere. It was surreal.

ramble mode off..

A torch (sun)
An orange (earth)
A ping pong ball (moon)

get the distances right and have an eclipse party