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Does anyone have a great old-fashioned cobbler recipe out there? Maybe one you would cook in a cast iron dutch oven? Answered



Mine isn't exactly old fashioned, but in my troop, we make _Insert name of fruit_ cobbler in a dutch oven. Start by pouring in as many cans of filling as you feel necessary. Then, on top of that, put enough plain cake mix in the pot. Then gently pour some mountain dew to substitute as sugar. Why mountain dew, because it is mostly sugar and water. Also, It mixes the the cake mix in with the filling. The "Dew" taste will cook off. To finish, mix thoroughly. To cook, place coals on sides and on top for conduction and convection. Then let this cook for an hour or so. Delicious to say the least.

I have always done the same as M4industries, but any kind of pop seems to work. One that my group usually did included cherry coke. Also, I have always used the cheap Jiffy cake mix as my top and sometimes bottom. Always place two more coals on the bottom than the width, and two less on top. Example, if you are using a 12" dutch oven, ten coals on top, and fourteen bottom.

Thanks for your reply. Thanks for the tip!

M4industries recipe is our favorite for camping because it is easy and is an unexpected extravagance in a rustic setting. BTW we use Sprite or 7-UP instead of mountain dew (this year we'll probably use a Jones soda because it is made with cane sugar and we like it better)

Thank you for responding. I think I like the idea of the Jones soda made from cane sugar.

What is your troop number and what rank are you. I just turned first class!

I am many years beyond scouting but I will always depend on the lessons learned there. Congratulations on achieving first class- keep up the good work, America needs more scouts.