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Does anyone have a pattern for a hammock type sling chair for backpacking? Lightweight 1lb or less Answered

 Am looking for something really lightweight that can be hooked to a pack that is quick to set up for lunch breaks or any type of break.  And I guess it doesn't really need to be a "hammock" - just something easy to set up that is sturdy - needs to hold 200+ lbs and is stable on uneven ground.

Thanks - figure someone here can figure it out if they haven't already.  I've looked at some of the chairs but they don't quite fit what I'm looking for.



8 years ago

I do a lot of backpacking, its one of my favorite pastimes. Several years ago, I built a tripod camp stool based on one I had seen at the outfitter's store.
It was so simple that I didn't bother drawing any plans, other than a couple of rough sketches to show the dimensions.
The materials I used were a pair of thrift store aluminum crutches, one yard of heavy denim fabric and some scrap leather that I salvaged from my wife's old handbag which I used  for reinforcing  the corners.
Here is a picture of one I found on the internet today, it should be easy enough to extrapolate how to build your own from the picture.
Oh yeah, the weight is right around one pound, plus or minus a couple of ounces.


I'm a bad man...I just bought one instead...$3.50 on sale at the end of the camping season and I wanted a guitar stool (those director style chairs for camping are completely unsuitable for string musicians.) It even has a cute little built in strap for slinging over your should.

For building your own, an old tent pole might be a good source for the legs.

I was going to suggest this also.  If you need to remove more weight then toss the poles and find or scavage poles at your rest stop.