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Does anyone have a plan (or an idea!) on how to build a wooden ride on train? Answered

 I have zero woodwork training (other than school) but want a new pet project.  I've found a couple of plans for toy trains, but I want something my son can sit in preferably, or on.  He's only 7 months old so I'm starting slowly... :)


Start with some smaller projects first.  They will look amateurish at first but they are you learning tools.  Make the next one bigger and get more elaborate.  You might start with a birdhouse or something like that.

To build a big project like you want you have to know about what joints to use, what glue to use, how to cut on the line, what wood to use, how to finish.  The tools are going to cost money and if you are not an experienced wood worker you don't even know which tools to buy first.

I'm not trying to put you off the project, but I'm taking guitar lessons before starting the band.


8 years ago

If you don't find anything that will work:

If you can simply scale-up the plans you've found, that's one way to get a design that would work.

If the components don't scale up nicely, try using the profiles of the plan (front, back, left/right, top and bottom) as starting points.

Good luck!