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Does anyone have a portable power idea? Answered

I ride a mad max-esque motorcycle as my main mode of transportation. I was wondering if anyone has a solution for portable turbine or some such that I can attach to the bike so I can charge my various gizmos.


Doesn't it have a battery/alternator? Otherwise you could tap off of the wires running to the headlight.

As 'Fox: tap into the bike's electrical system: it already has a generator coupled to the crankshaft (or should have). Under the seat is usually a good place to start, but I guess you know that.


If your bikes lights, radio, horn, etc are running on twelve volts it's simple. If you aren't sure, just look at the battery. If twelve volts, just buy an inverter. You can get them designed for wired installation or with a standard 12v accessory plug. It shouldn't be much trouble to adapt one designed for a car or truck to be used onboard a motorcycle. You can then get AC and sometimes also USB power from the thing.