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Does anyone have advice on potty training a dog fast? Answered

i have a almost 1 year old dog who is a dachshund and i need help potty training him anyone know how to potty train a dog??? if you do please help.i posted a pic of him his cuteness is the only thing keeping him alive


maybe you should find someone who will treat the respect he deserve

take a bell and put it either by or on your door and whenever your dog has to go outside take a treat and show your dog the bell and try to get him to ring it if he doesnt take either his muzzle or paw and hit the bell with it

Have you tried this/does it work? because doxies usally dont bark or yip or anything so it can be hard to tell when they are at the back door. :P thank you!

i got the advice from my vet and it worked pretty well for my black lab


6 years ago

Your dog is indeed very cute! Doxie cuteness is definitely a preservative for these little critters. This is especially true because a truism shared among doxie caretakers (we aren't owners...they own us!) is that any caretaker who believes his/her doxie is house trained is delusional and/or lying. I have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old. Both girls are house trained about 95% of the time. And let's be honest with each other...this percentage will go up only if we train ourselves to be more observant of those subtle little long-dog cues they give us just before they make their deposits. Ignoring these cues and waiting just a little bit longer to when it's more convenient for us will usually result in a wrongly placed puddle or pile. Doxie mixim: do what is convenient for your doxie and everyone will be happy. Signed: world's most devoted doxie lover!

ummm... are you sure your the world's most doxie lover? i LOVE LOVE LOVE DOXIES THEY ARE THE ONLY DOG I HAVE EVER MET!!! oh did i yell that at you? sorry...


7 years ago

thank you every one i got him potty trained thx 4 all the suggestions!! :)

wow 1 year old this is probably a little late to potty train though you could do it. umm, there are many ways to potty train a dog here ar a few:
When ever the dog does make a mistake in the house you should take some type of absorbent material (paper towel, news paper ect.) and soak up the pee and take the soaked paper and the dog outside where you want him to do his business. Place the paper on the ground making sure that the dog sees and smells it while petting him at the same time to reassure him and soon he will get the message.
I work with dogs all the time and this should work, if not then I'm sorry. Let me know though!

um depending on how smart he is. I think it could be anywhere from 1-2 months.

Crate training is not cruel.

Crate training is the best way to train your dog.

They need limits.

Both of my current dogs voluntarily go into their crates to sleep.

My dogs never have accidents in the house anymore.

Training takes 2-7 days for most dogs.

Here's a great link to instructions.

I guess you mean house train - A dog lives in the moment and generally sees nothing wrong in peeing or worse close to home, it is one way to mark territory

If the dog get punished it has no way to connect the anger with the act so this is useless,

You need to connect the act with something the dog likes

Dogs are pack animals and need to know they belong to the group, this is what stroking and petting is to the dog, a way to say you belong

SO After meals and regularly otherwise take the dog out to where you want it to do the job, Wait until something happens, it usually does, pet and praise every time so the dog thinks, great if I do this trick here then I get lots of attention and my pack status has gone up.

Don't make a big fuss if accidents happen just clear up and take dog outside for praise when it does it properly.

If you watch a small puppy carefully you get to recognise the body movement that precedes the act and can intervene and take outside.

Worst case is a puppy that is left alone in the house from the early days, they have to go and no one is there to give them guidance.

we to have a dachshund that we received when about 8 moths old. Cage training all verging on the cruel side does work, but usually only when they are younger. The concept is they will not want to do there business where the sleep, so.... They hold it. Then you take them outside, (immediately) and let them go pee. If they continue to hold it then its back to the cage. Its all conditioning. Now this doesn't mean not to ever take them out for anything but urinating but it is something you have to monitor. Otherwise its hawk-eye time, with many, many, many walks. Accidents will occur though, beating do not work and if anything usually adds to the problem in that they pee on the spot out of fear. All depends on how fast you want the training done and how long you can stand the whining and or barking for, as cage training at this age will be loud and frustrating.