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Does anyone have an instructable on how to make an LED video curtain? Answered

I would relly appreceiate it if someone could give me some insight regarding creating my own LED video curtain. I have a small haunted attraction and would love to be able to make a custom curtain in order to display different video effects, blood running down walls, cockroaches running accross the wall etc. I realize that I could use a projector to get the effects that I want but projector placement can be a REAL hassle when adding people, fog and simulated lightning to the mix.

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Not cheap, easy or quick. Unless your very into electronics you might want to rethink this idea.


Thanks for the reply. I was actually thinking more along the lines of a soft mesh topology rather than wiring a bunch of LCDs together. Something like this
-- http://www.madeffects.com/led-video-screen--curtains-55-c.asp --

I get the basic idea but dont really know where to start.